The Tom Harper Story

Near the pristine waters of Canada’s West Coast, Tom and Margaret Harper set out to build one of the largest shellfish farms in the world. With Tom’s passion for the ocean and Margaret’s passion for science, they felt they had the right ingredients to accomplish their dreams.

Several difficulties soon arose hampering their quest to produce the highest quality shellfish. New regulations and expensive, low quality feed made it difficult to compete with other farms. Over the next eight years, they spent countless hours researching, testing and analyzing different techniques to grow an alternative nutrient-rich food source. They developed a patented process creating an algae paste, Alpha-3 CMP (Concentrated Marine Phytoplankton), to feed to their shellfish.

Soon they were producing shellfish up to five times larger than those fed by traditional industry food. This catapulted their business and people were clamoring for their shellfish. To meet demand it became a 24/7 business… everything seemed great.

While passing his tanks of Marine Phytoplankton one day, he considered the amazing health benefits realized by his shellfish seed. He thought of all the plants in the world and knew many of them had medicinal properties. Something intuitively told him to begin eating the nutritious Marine Phytoplankton paste. Within weeks he was feeling less pain and more energy.

When Tom was biopsied his doctors were amazed and didn’t know what to make of it. The tumors were gone and while a diabetic at the time, Tom’s blood sugar levels were normal and he no longer required insulin.

As he shared his Marine Phytoplankton paste with others they also began experiencing positive shifts in different areas of their health. His focus shifted from producing food for his shellfish seed to finding a way to deliver the paste to a rapidly growing number of people interested in improving their health.

Almost every person taking marine phytoplankton notices a beneficial change in their bodies. People living for years with chronic and sometimes debilitating conditions have found relief after exhausting all avenues of medical advice.

Tom’s incredible story is what eventually brought Tom Harper and Ron Williams together. Ron the president of  ForeverGreen was in the process of developing a plant based whole food tonic when a friend told him about Tom Harper’s story. They met and a partnership was formed. The marine phytoplankton based whole-food tonic known as Frequensea was born. Frequensea takes the best from land and sea to form a truly amazing health product. Frequensea became and still remains today ForeverGreen’s most popular product.


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